Welcome to the newest and the most entertaining test application!

About ChallengeLab

The newest and the most entertaining test application!

ChallangeLab is the newest and the most entertaining test application in the the play store! Time will fly by as you solve our specially crafted tests whose subjects range from football, tv series, celebrities and lifestyles to history an many more. Test your knowledge while you are solving hundreds of tests that consist of many entertaining questions.

You can solve our continuously updated and revised tests about different categories. You can find a lot of entertaining as well as challenging tests in our different test schemes. For instance you can test your timing and knowledge in our challenging memory tests in which we will test your photographic memory or you can see how far you will accomplish in our specially crafted progressive tests. You can find out if you know your favourite celebrity well enough or if you are a connoisseur of tv series!

App Features

Here are some of interesting tests

Aging Test

How will you look when you're old?

Hairstyle Test

Which hairstyle does your soul represent?

Spiderman Test

We will test your spider-man knowledge in 6 funny questions!

Tattoo Test

What kind of tattoo should you get?

Intelligence Test

What kind of intelligence do you have?

Love Test

In which country will you find the love of your life?